What do you need to know about Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are digital currencies that use cryptography to secure transactions and to control the creation of new units. Bitcoin was created in 2009, and Ethereum was created in 2015. Both currencies have gained in popularity in recent years as more people have become interested in using digital currencies.

Bitcoin is the first digital currency to gain widespread acceptance. Bitcoin is created by mining, a process in which computers solve complex mathematical problems to create new Bitcoin. Ethereum is different in that it is created by a process called "forging." Forging creates new Ethereum by verifying and recording transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are both digital currencies, but they have different purposes. Bitcoin is primarily used as a digital currency, while Ethereum is used to create decentralized applications. Bitcoin is also more volatile than Ethereum, and it has a larger market cap.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have both seen significant price increases in recent years. Bitcoin reached a high of $19,783 in December 2017, and Ethereum reached a high of $1,423 in January 2018. As of February 2, 2018, Bitcoin was worth $10,619 and Ethereum was worth $1,055.

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